Flask + React Template

Why create a template?

I'm sure it has been done but I couldn't find any other templates using React and Flask so I made one myself.


The following features are included in this template and can be managed using the configuration file.

  • User Managment
  • Access Control
  • Email Verification
  • Password Reset
  • Device Managment
  • Heroku Deployment
  • Notifications
  • Light/Dark Mode
  • Customizable Colour Theme

Styled using Material-UI.

The template is fully configurable, via the configuration files in both the Flask app and React app.

It has been configured to be used with heroku for production and only takes a few minutes to setup.

To gain access to the code for this template please contact me.


A demo speaks 1000 words Go to demo

*NB you will not have access to the admin screens

Admin Pages

Admin Dashboard

view recently created accounts.

Admin Dashboard

Access Control

Manage pages and which roles can access them.

Access Control


Create, delete and edit roles. See which roles have access to different pages.


Manage Users

Change user account details and access.

Manage Users

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